Studio Isabella Sedeka

10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Artists with works at this studio


Isabella Sedeka (b. 1979, Opole, Poland) enjoyed several years of artistic training in Milan and Venice as well as in Hamburg and Berlin. At a structural level, the captivating appeal of her abstract works lies in the use of precious materials, above all real gold and silver, in combination with oils or acrylics. The somewhat ornamentally structured works deliberately show traces of corrosion and develop a patina that brings to mind past ages, yet at the same time their appearance is ultra-modern. With prolonged viewing, the interplay of continually forming and dispelling patterns and textures gives rise to a mystic dialog. Depending on the incidence of light and the viewing angle, the pictures glow from within and award the viewer with glimpses into realms of heightened senses. In the eternal interplay between being and seeming the fullness of life comes to expression in the contrast with the impermanence of the form. Since the opening of her Berlin atelier in 2013 her work has been shown in Berlin, Zurich, Innsbruck, Cologne, Hamburg, Tokyo and Vienna with great acclaim. 2016 she had her second solo exhibition at Scope Art Basel.


Brigitte Kratochwill (b.1954 in Linz/Donau, Austria) is based in Salzburg. After her studies of singing at the Bruckner-Conservatory in Linz and the University Mozarteum in Salzburg, she pursued a career in education. Parallel to her educational work, she was always passionate in creating art. By applying many layers, Kratochwill achieves the surface structure which she envisions. She intentionally overpaints finished parts of the picture to get to the essence. That which is hidden underneath, in a certain way always stays noticeable. In her new series, like in mathematical equations, the X is the great unknown. X can conceal, prohibit, destroy; but also mark the important. For Kratochwill this sign means a crossing, a chance encounter, a meeting, or sometimes also the abbreviation for kiss. Twice unknown – hidden – mysterious it will be in her series for Berlin by combining the X with the question mark. She has exhibited extensively in Austria as well as in Germany, South Africa and Greece. In October 2015 she was invited to show at gallery Merikon at the Palais Esterhazy in Vienna. Her recent works are currently being presented at the Alfred Adler Institute International in Vienna and at Artlet gallery in Salzburg as part of the Salzburger Festspiele 2016.