studio Eliana Heredia
Berlin – Friedenau

Artists with works at this studio

Eliana Heredia (b. 1978, Sao Paolo, Brazil) is of Argentinian and Italian origin. She studied Sculpture at the National Graduate Institute of Art (IUNA) in Buenos Aires. A DAAD scholarship brought her to Berlin, where she received her MA at Universität der Künste in 2011. Heredia’s sculptural installations call attention to the relation between the human being and pure nature. By alienating material from everyday life – such as mattresses, psycho therapeutic drug packages, steel wool, detergent, conditioner, nylon bags, plastic cups, parchment paper, glass and cement – which she exposes to erosion and material stress, Heredia creates timeless and psychological landscapes of high synaesthetic impact. The materials react to the application of temperature or the influence of water or air and show alteration and agitation due to their immanent psycho-chemical character. A recipient of German, French and Argentinian scholarships, Heredia exhibited her work extensively in Latin America and more recently in Europe and Berlin, where she currently lives and works.

Alek Kawka (b. 1980, Düsseldorf) completed the course in artistic photography at fotoK in Vienna, then studied art and photography in the class of Matthias Herrmann at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and graduated there under the supervision of Martin Guttmann. Alek Kawka expands in her work consistently the spatial extension of photography. The spectrum ranges from light boxes, dioramas and the involvement with the material quality of the photographic image using multiple image layers.