Mission Statement


BOSmagazine is an online arts and culture magazine associated with the Berlin Open Studio (BOS) annual contemporary art event in the city of Berlin. The BOS program engages artists, art theorists, and art lovers living and working in Berlin, showcasing artists’ studios in a series of events organized around the yearly theme (BOS 14: Hospitality and BOS 15: Double Exposure). Building on this idea, BOSmagazine is a publication that seeks to bring together writings on art, with an emphasis on art in Berlin, and produced by scholars, artists, and critics based in Berlin and beyond. Our mission is to provide a platform for academic, artistic, theoretical, and critical voices about art, and to continue the consideration of the infrastructure of artistic production begun by Berlin Open Studio (BOS) and its sister program Yogyakarta Open Studio (YOS).

Copyright Statement

Copyright for all of the texts that appear in BOSmagazine is owned by the authors, unless otherwise stated. All images appear courtesy of the photographer/artist, unless otherwise stated.